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In the Homes  Digest, you will find properties listed across the Marion County area.  Due west of Chattanooga, Tennessee, in the spectacularly beautiful  Sequatchie Valley, we are nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian  Mountains. Only 30 minutes to a major metropolitan area, yet having the  opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature uninterrupted by overcrowding,  noise, and the other busyness of city life. 

But don't  think for one second that there's nothing to do around here! There are  several events including the National Cornbread Festival that showcase  the cultural heritage of this county. Nearby in beautiful Sewanee, in  addition to one of the most scenic vistas you'll ever see, there is a  world-class liberal arts university affiliated with the Episcopal  Church. As mentioned before, less than an hour's drive away is the city  limits of Chattanooga, TN, where you'll find ample shopping, dining for  every taste, an aquarium that is consistently ranked a top attraction  nation-wide in all kinds of surveys, and much more. If you want to sit  back on your new porch and take in the fresh air, that's fine. But if  you want to be on-the-go, we can keep you busy. 

If you are looking for a mild climate, the homes in Jasper and the surrounding communities enjoy that especially. We have fairly hot summers, pretty mild  winters (typically one or two good snowfalls a year), and glorious  autumns and springs. As a matter of fact, you can just click here to  find out the weather right now. 

We could talk  for as long as you like, but the bottom line is that we think you'll  like it here. Life as slow or as fast as you choose, a relatively low  cost of living, great community schools and friendly folks aplenty all  work together to make this a place you'll be glad to call home.